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About US

We used our past research and knowledge of the natural compounds found in our ingredients with different modes of action, to formulate the best insect repellent Mother Nature has to offer.


Ticks-N-All’s Insect Repellents are a blend of unique natural ingredients formulated by our team of specialists to yield the best protection from mosquitoes, ticks, gnats, biting flies, black flies, fleas, chiggers and no-see-ums, while rejuvenating and conditioning the health of the skin, and preserving overall health.


Ticks-N-All formulas contain rich sources and various bioactive compounds, which have little or no harmful effect on non-target organisms and the environment. Furthermore, the complex and variable mixtures of the bioactive constituents in Ticks-N-All with different modes of action not only make it extremely effective, but lessen the chance of resistance in insect populations.


Ticks-N-All’s special combinations of ingredients are specifically formulated to offer the best efficacy against target pests. Many of the natural compounds are terpenoids that are formulated to interfere with the homing system, basic metabolic, biochemical, physiological and behavioral functions of insects. Some compounds exhibit central nervous system toxicity causing hyperexcitation of nerves and muscles, whereas other compounds destroy the wax coating of the insect's respiratory system. Some of the compounds are pheromones that alarm living insects indicating danger, prompting them to avoid others who have succumbed to disease or places where predators lurk.


It gives us great pleasure to welcome you in our mission to help​ you and your love ones enjoy Mother Nature.


​Warmest Regards,​


The Ticks-N-All Team!

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