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"I feel comfortable using Ticks-N-All over any other product on my children because it is all natural.  It gives me peace of mind knowing that I am protecting my children without exposing them to harmful chemicals."

Susanne, Maryland

"My teenage daughter usually will never wear any bug repellent because of the offensive odor but she has no problem using Ticks-N-All. She loves the refreshing smell."

Barbara, South Carolina

"I usually hate using any bug repellents because they tend to be very oily and give my skin a very shiny appearance. Ticks-N-All goes on smooth and dry - leaves my skin feeling silky soft, not greasy."

Penny, Colorado

"Used Ticks-N-All while I was doing my annual Spring yard work.  Protection outlasted me - completed all the work without the assistance of any bugs."

Mick, New Jersey

"Recently used Ticks-N-All on a camping trip.  I was pleased with the protection it offered, participated in many outdoor activities and bugs were never an issue.  Pleasant smell and love that it is all natural without any chemicals."

David, New York

"I ​used to have problems with horse flies biting me while I was riding my horse. But now, thanks to Ticks-N-All, I can ride pest free. This stuff really works!"

Shelby, Tennessee

"It smells and feels like a lotion, but packs a punch against mosquitoes here in the Everglades."

Roberto, Florida

"Ticks-N-All was recommended by my doctor as a safe, all natural insect repellent.​​"

Mary, Pennsylvania

"I ​was coaching my son's baseball game when we got invaded by blood sucking mosquitoes. One of the parents let us use their Ticks-N-All, and it was like an instant miracle. It kept the pesty  mosquitoes from biting, helping us focus and win the championship game!"​

Coach Damon, Florida

"I used it this past weekend in my deer blind, and it worked great.​ NO PEST!​"

Dr. Deb, Wisconsin

I'm allergic to almost every type of insect bite. I have a skin condition that up until Ticks-N-All hasn't allowed me to apply any repellent to my skin. I haven't been able to enjoy the outdoors in over 16 years. Ticks-N-All has really changed my life!

Paul Shipman

Deborah, Uxbridge, MA

"I used Ticks-N-All insect repellent for the first time while vacationing up in Prince Edward Island, Canada this summer. The black flies usually love me up there. It is the first summer in almost 20 years that i did not get 1 BITE! My husband used a DEET product and had many bites! I AM SOLD ON Ticks-N-All!

Susan Nueber, Lyme Center of New England

In all my years of treating Lyme patients i've been searching for an all Natural repellent that really works. Ticks-N-All has surpassed my expectations and has given me the tools to assist in the prevention of vector borne diseases. Thank you Ticks-N-All!

Bravo to Ticks-N-All on their insect repellent 4 dogs. We just returned from 10 days in the Maine woods with our adventurous puggle. We sprayed her every morning and not 1 tick was ever found. It is very effective and chemical free!  Well Done.

Suzanne, New Jersy

As a Realtor, I contracted Lyme disease two years ago (I had my tick & sent it to be tested). I was afraid to go outdoors, but Ticks N All works! I should have been doing a commercial for your product last year in Sterling, MA while showing land - I was the only person out of 10 people who did not have one tick on me! Your product works and I have the courage to venture outdoors, again. Thank you!

Merillyn, Sterling, MA

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