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Ticks-N-All was endorsed by  best selling book author  Amy B. Scher in a news article Looking to Fight Bugs This Summer?
May. 27, 2013 Liz Klimas​

Going on a hike or just outside pulling weeds in the garden, Amy Scher would recommend you use an insect repellent for most outdoor activities.

It’s not just an irritating scratch she wants to help people avoid, but more harmful effects like the disease that nearly killed her.

Innovative Insect Repellent Ideas And Why You Should Use One


In the early 2000s, Scher went hiking in California and didn’t wear a repellent. Unknown to her at the time, a tick had latched on and gave her Lyme disease. For years, Scher began experiencing strange symptoms, which were misdiagnosed, as they often are with the tick-borne illness. But then things started getting worse.

In 2005, Scher was sitting in a Jacuzzi and lost all feeling in her legs.

“Everything went downhill from there,” she said.

Scher became bed ridden. Scans found lesions on her brain. The bacterial disease had spread to every organ in her body and into her bone marrow.

Scher was taking dozens of medication and antibiotics each day to fight the infection, and she eventually went to India for an experimental treatment, which she said helped boost her immune system so she could eventually fend off the disease. Even the lesions on her brain healed.

This is why Scher, now 33, advocates people wear an insect repellent.

“Anytime you would wear sunscreen, I would say put on insect repellent as well,” she said.

There are a variety of repellents on the market targeting everything from ticks to mosquitoes. Some are natural and some are chemical. Some are applied topically, while others take the form of a patch or create a perimeter around a designated space.


​Go natural: Ticks-N-All is the repellent Scher uses. It’s an all natural brand that is applied as a spray and protects against a variety of biting insects. Scher also noted some using geranium oil as a natural bug deterrent.... To read the full article


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